unreasonable [adj1] not logical or sensible absurd, all wet*, arbitrary, biased, capricious, contradictory, erratic, fallacious, far-fetched, foolish, full of hot air*, headstrong, illogical, incoherent, incongruous, inconsequential, inconsistent, invalid, irrational, loose, mad, nonsensical, off the wall*, opinionated, preposterous, quirky, reasonless, senseless, silly, stupid, thoughtless, unreasoned, vacant, wrong; concepts 401,548 —Ant. logical, practical, pragmatic, realistic, reasonable, sensible unreasonable [adj2] extravagant; beyond normal limits absonant, arbitrary, costing an arm and a leg*, dear, excessive, exorbitant, extortionate, extreme, far-out*, illegitimate, immoderate, improper, inordinate, intemperate, out of bounds*, overkill*, overmuch, peremptory, posh, pricey*, senseless, steep*, stiff*, too great, too much, too-too*, uncalled-for*, unconscionable, undue, unfair, unjust, unjustifiable, unlawful, unrightful, unwarrantable, unwarranted, up to here*, way out*, wrongful; concepts 334,762,771 —Ant. cheap, economical, low, plain, reasonable

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